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Flash Animations

Browse through our collection of copy and paste codes for our flash animations. There's nothing better than flash animations to grab and hold a visitor's attention and we are offering them to you to use for free. All you have to do is copy and paste the code below each flash animation into your website editor! Use them to grab visitor's attention on your auctions and classified ads too! Everyone loves a little humor added to their day! If you'd like to use any of the flash animations below you will need to copy and paste the code below into your html editor, blog editor, auction editor, or myspace editor. Right click on the code below and select all, then select copy. Paste the code and that's it! Very Easy.

Note: When sending through comments in myspace the user you send to will be asked to approve the comment but the flash animation will not show in their email preview. If they approve the comment it will show up on their myspace page under comments. If you copy and paste the code into the bulletins section or profile page on myspace the flash animations work instantly.

We will be adding new flash comments on a regular basis so be sure to check back often.Thank you for stopping by to visit us!

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Funny Flash Animation - Need A Hug

Graphics by
Funny Flash Animation - Love My Dog

Graphics By

Flash Animation - Funny Flash

Graphics By

Flash Animation - Funny Flash

Flash Animation - Funny Comments

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